Raising Chickens

By Holly Giles

Raising Chickens


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Raising Backyard Chickens

This mini-unit includes:

  • 4 lessons that will take 1-4 weeks to complete
  • ready-to-go instructions to carry out the lessons and printables for children to complete
  • 6 hands-on activities or crafts
  • 1 recipe for children to prepare
  • 3 plus videos about the lessons
  • book recommendations to keep read-aloud time alive
  • ideas for using this project over and over again
  • certificate and badge

Chicken lessons

Find out how an egg turns into a chick! How do hens lay eggs? Fun for the whole family. Experiential learning comes alive with studying small animals. No Chickens are Required to do this project. Math, art, history, agriculture, and fun activities bring this unit to life for your children. Everyday living can provide an amazing education for multiple ages.

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