Blaze New Trails-Digital

By Holly Giles

Blaze New Trails-Digital


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Nature-based homeschool activities

Discover the power of nature and community. Blaze New Trails will show you how learning is all around you. This book is for K-8 and beyond. It takes the place of nature study, science, and life skills in the elementary years. We touch on history and literature for good measure as well.

Holly has written a comprehensive guide full of nature-based homeschool activities that is the perfect place to begin discovering your children’s talents. It is filled with encouragement and inspiration for parents, stories of the Giles family’s homeschooling experience, lessons, activities, and hands-on projects for the whole family.

Lessons planned for you

She will guide you through your local park with history, science, and literature. Make your farmer’s market an outdoor classroom and learn how entering your county fair is a complete year-long educational course. Holly provides worksheets, book lists, interviews, and ideas to take you through a year-long adventure of nature-based homeschool activities right outside your front door!


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Follow Holly’s journey through home education that taught her and her children how to make education a lifestyle that creates lasting memories as a family. This book contains references to places in Florida where the author resides; however, all the chapters, lessons, worksheets, and ideas can be completed in ANY state or location.

239 pages. Full-color interior product

A lesson planner in the book guides you through using Blaze New Trails over 45 weeks.

Blaze a trail with YOUR family’s name on it!


“Early in my journey of parenthood, the outdoors was a respite for us. As a baby, my firstborn, Grayson, was soothed by the breeze, the birds, and our backyard swing. I naturally assumed his growing curiosity for the outdoors was because we spent so much time in it!

As we ventured into schooling at home, my second son was born. In my quest for them to sit at a desk and fill in the blanks, I quickly realized that traditional learning was not the right fit for our family. So, we went back to the swing. Reading aloud became our curriculum, along with the bugs, dirt, and any local spot that could teach us something new. It was math at the farmer’s market, boat ramp science, and state park history. Our home education became a way of life, in the errands we ran, people we met, and opportunities that came our way.

Meeting families who were searching for a new path is what inspired me to write our journey of successes and failures and encourage families to blaze their own way! The simplicity of learning from purposeful living can be successful!!

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