How to Can Sliced Peaches

By Holly Giles | Kitchen

canning peaches at home for food storage

Canning Sliced Peaches

Canning sliced peaches are the perfect taste of summer for me since my days at the barn in Alabama with my grandparents. Those juicy bites of perfection dripping down my face were a delight. Watching my grandmother “put up” peaches wasn’t as much fun as swinging on the grapevines out back so I didn’t get a start to finish lesson until adulthood.

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Peaches these days have seemed quite dull compared to childhood. Many things are I suppose. Most have been tasteless and mealy at best. I wanted my boys to love the peach experience as much as I did but I fell flat on convincing them. They would rather eat them from a can.

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Florida Peaches

On our family quest to pick from local farms we discovered peaches have been growing in Florida for quite a while now. A variety propagated by the University of Florida. The Florida freestone is fabulous! This video of canning sliced peaches is made with the Florida freestone peaches but we have also found wonderful peaches by buying them off The Peach Truck that visits us each year in July.

Why Can Them Yourself

I didn’t know that canning sliced peaches in a lite syrup was possible with water bath canning. I am still not into pressure canning so I tend to do high acid recipes. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had 30 pounds of ripening peaches to deal with in 3 days I may have passed over the recipe. It really was easy and I have done it for 2 years now. The best part was opening up one of the jars about 6 months later. The peaches were absolutely delicious and it was like eating fancy canned peaches from a specialty store.


Canning Peaches


  • 3 pounds peaches per quart
  • 1 cup honey
  • 6 sticks cinnamon


  • Bring 9 cups of water and 1 cup of honey to a boil in a medium stock pot.
  • While water is boiling, peel peaches. One method is to dunk them in boiling water for 2 minutes. Then immediately put them in ice water. The skins come off easy.
  • Remove the pits from peaches. Cut them in slices or chunks. Which ever you prefer.
  • Place a cinnamon stick in each quart jar. I like to use wide mouth pints. So break the sticks in half if you do this.
  • Fill the jar with peaches. Ladle hot honey water over peaches leaving a 1/2 inch headspace in the jar.
  • Put the lids and rings on the jars and process them in a hot water bath for 30 minutes.
  • I let the jars stay on a shelf for at least 3 months to let the peaches soften and soak in the juice.


Canned peaches make an excellent snack, added to oatmeal, cereal or over cottage cheese. When you are looking for something sweet, eat them right out of the jar!
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Start with a small batch of peaches and give canning sliced peaches a try. You won’t be sorry when you are looking through the cabinet looking for a treat.

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