Dry Canning Flour

By Holly Giles | Home

Dry Canning Flour

I read up on canning flour when I got a 50-pound bag of flour. At that time flour was hard to come by and I needed to bake bread for our family. Bread was off the shelves of the store and ingredients for baking were not available either. A restaurant supply store was where I was able to find flour but 50 pounds seemed like a lot to deal with!

I packaged the flour in many ziplock bags for the freezer. I knew I needed to find another way to store the rest of the flour that didn’t take up my freezer space. Canning flour came up in a conversation I so began doing a little research. If you try this on your own I suggest doing your own research to see if it is right for you.


The supplies I used were 4 half-gallon canning jars with the lid and rings. Wash the jars and make sure they are completely dry before you put the flour in them.  drying them in the oven will get them dry if you are short on time.

Watch the video for the complete tutorial on how canning flour works.

Oven canning flour is just one solution for storing dry goods. Cornmeal, beans, and rice are other food items that can be dry canned for long-term storage. There are other solutions that work well for storing food items for storage too. Find what works for your needs. I am trying several different ways to put dry goods up for storage.


Canning flour in the oven was a good solution for me right now. The flour I purchased was not my ideal flour for my everyday needs but it will be nice to have for emergencies. Knowing I have those jars stored will come in handy someday.

Even though I needed a quick solution for the flour, this gave me the opportunity to begin researching storing food long term. I have stored food in the past but had gotten out of the habit. Having food stored for your family is just good practice for emergencies of all kinds. We live in Florida and often go through periods without power due to hurricanes.

Knowing what foods store best is a good resource as you stock your pantry. Keeping extra of those items will come in handy. Remember to rotate stored food about every six months. If you store canned goods it is best to rotate so food does not go bad.