5 Best Adventure Audiobooks for Boys

By Holly Giles | Family

5 best adventure audio books

5 best adventure audiobooks for boys

Audiobooks for boys are a great way to bring learning to life. Many boys enjoy listening to books to fully enjoy the stories. This allows boys to do other quiet activities, while still enjoying an adventurous tale.

Sugar Creek Gang

My sons, Grayson and Grant will tell you that their all-time favorite audiobooks for boys are The Sugar Creek Gang stories. These stories were written by Paul Hutchens in the 1930s. The original recordings were done by Paul Ramseyer. I have only been able to find the original recordings from Beloved Books. We collected the volumes over several years. These stories are the best audiobooks for an 8-year-old boy.

Why we love them:

  • This is a Christian-based series that refers to biblical characters and verses.
  • The boys in the stories living in the country, get into situations with wholesome values.
  • Listening to a time gone by makes the imagination work overtime.

5 best audiobooks for boys ages 7 to 12

Your Story Hour

These radio drama-style stories have numerous titles that touch on history, character, older stories, and more. We love the Heritage of Our Country and Patterns of Destiny. These are historical events, famous people, and people who made history. Our favorite way to learn details in periods of history is through radio drama. It is like listening to a live movie of the events and it keeps the boys’ attention. We often listen to a story at lunchtime. I replay them each year so and we always learn something new.

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A thirteen-year-old boy is in a single-engine plane crash and stranded alone in the Canadian Wilderness.  Brian is determined to survive and learns the depth of his capabilities during his time alone. This is a popular book for boys in the nine to fourteen age range. This is one of the best audiobooks for a 13-year-old boy. Grayson has read the book cover to cover after listening to it. We loved listening to the audio because you can really bring your imagination to life and let your mind fully immerse in the lone voice of the story.  Gary Paulsen is a great storyteller and my boys have enjoyed several of his titles.

Little Britches

Ralph Moody wrote stories about his family’s experiences beginning in 1906. Ranching, wild prairie, and adventures of a lifetime keep you listening to these awesome stories of a time gone by. This is not action-packed, but a recount of this boy’s life. It is a good choice for car rides and quiet afternoons. Many of his experiences are things boys don’t get to experience these days.

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The Sign of the Beaver

I have two outdoorsy woodsmen here at home that love a good adventurous story of a boy. This fits the bill with a historical 18th-century story set in Maine. Matt is alone in the wilderness to watch the family homestead, while his father brings the rest of his family. We have read the book several times and listened to this story during car trips and on rainy days. This one is one of the best audiobooks for a 9-year-old boy.

These were five of the adventurous audiobooks for boys that we truly love in our home. We turn to them over and again through the years. And we always hear something we didn’t before. I encourage you to add audio to your home learning. Both my boys are auditory learners, so they get absorbed in listening often. I enjoy listening too. I don’t have to miss out on all the boy fun!


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