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mason jars are like relationships

Friendship is Like a Mason Jar

By Holly Giles | Motherhood

Favorite Mason Jar I picked some camellias from my neighbor’s yard. It is not technically stealing because they aren’t in town and she told me I could. They are just the most beautiful pink color and they make me smile. Anyway, I grabbed a blue mason jar off the top of the laundry room freezer to […]

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ordinary days at home

The Dirt and Ordinary Days

By Holly Giles | homeschooling , Motherhood

Ordinary days Have you ever had ordinary days, well, weeks when everything seems to be in a perpetual state of disarray?  Yesterday was the tipping point for feeling like my life was on a hamster wheel going nowhere. My days are always ordinary and full of dirt, dishes, and multiplication. Our home education routine has been less than on track […]

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