Easy Craft: Fall in a Jar

By Holly Giles | handicrafts


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Fall decorating can be extravagant if you have space and simple if you just have a shelf. These days simple is the way to go for us and I found an easy craft that looks cute anywhere.

light up fall jar

This is what I used to make my lighted jar.

  • glass jar with a lid
  • bag of faux small pumpkins and gourds
  • pine cones from the yard
  • acorns from the yard
  • fabric fall leaves
  • battery operated strand of lights
  • twine
  • chalk marker

I chose a jar from the pantry that already had the chalk label on it. Black construction paper works well too. I began with the larger pine cones on the bottom.

easy craft jar



Next, I layered the lights, pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. I sprinkled a few acorns. Then I closed up the jar with the wire for the lights going down the back of the jar.

fall in a jar

I tied twine around the lid and made a bow.

fall jar

Finally, I wrote “Fall” on the chalkboard label.

chalk pen

fall jar

The jar fits nicely on a shelf by the dining room table. It looks great in the evening when the lights are low. It is the perfect solution to our simple decorating, yet having nice fall colors to look at. I hope you can gather some items around your house and make your own lighted fall in a jar.





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