Canning Sliced Peaches

By Holly Giles | Recipes

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Canning Sliced Peaches

Canning sliced peaches have been the perfect taste of summer for me since my days at the barn in Alabama with my grandparents. Those juicy bites of perfection dripping down my face were a delight. Watching my grandmother “put up” peaches weren’t as much fun as swinging on the grapevines out back, so I didn’t get a start-to-finish lesson until adulthood.

Do you have childhood memories about food preservation that you want to learn? Besides storing delicious food for your family, learning to preserve food can connect you with the past in a unique way. In addition, it allows you to experience the hard work of women in early homemaking with the tools of a modern kitchen.

canning peaches at home for food storage


Peaches these days have seemed quite dull compared to childhood. Many things are, I suppose. Most peaches have been tasteless and mealy at best from chain grocery stores. I wanted my boys to love the peach experience as much as I did but failed to convince them. They would rather eat them from a can.

freestone peaches from haines city florida

Florida Freestone Peaches

On our family quest to pick from