God’s Mercy is New Every Morning in Motherhood

By Holly Giles | Family

god's mercy is new every morning

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God’s mercy

One morning this week I was exhausted from motherhood by 9 am. First, the boys had pushed my buttons and ignored their chores. Then,  I began yelling too much and a myriad of other things that made me run out the back door looking for fresh air!!! I needed God’s mercy before I kept on running.

My question to God, “Why does this happen?  I wake up with hopes for a good, productive day, and whamo, they drive me CRAZY!“.

The Beauty

I was walking around with my camera in hopes of finding a butterfly. Then Grayson came out to see when I’m coming back inside to read our morning book.  Reluctantly, I said, “Give me a few minutes”.  Next, he walked over to the passion vine bush, trying to help find the butterfly when he found one of the elusive blooms on the vine.

“Mama, hurry, it is so beautiful!“. He was irritating me by disrupting my peace. I didn’t want to see it right now. I would look at it later. “No Mama, it will close up soon and you won’t see how beautiful it is inside!” Finally, Grayson slipped his hand under the bloom so I could look at all the detail inside.

A well of emotion came over me as I looked down at that small, yet ever-growing hand. It was holding the intricate design that God created for us to enjoy.

The Design

Thank you, Lord.   God spoke to me right there, through the bloom in my son’s hand.  God has asked me to train up these boys for his glory.  He never said the days would be easy, or that I might need to run outside sometimes for air.  He had to remind me that His mercy is new each morning if I will just ask.

My sons are intricate flowers with a beauty all their own, that needs to be cultivated daily. If I am not careful to keep the weeds out, even my own, they will close up before I can enjoy the beauty inside.

god's mercy is new every morning to see passion flowers

Have you seen God’s mercy in the morning?

god's mercy is new every morning



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