Taking a Leap of Faith: The Mixon Family Story

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

Mixon family homeschooling story

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I met the Mixon family a few years ago at the FPEA homeschool convention in Florida. Kim showed up a little teary-eyed after my talk about creating a learning lifestyle in your home. She said they had to come and talk to me more because when I said my kids didn’t fit into a box, she felt like her world had just opened up.

Listen in to our podcast and how their struggle became their triumph.

The Mixon family took their son out of public school in the fourth grade because he was not thriving. Kim brought him home, but brought school with him and it still didn’t work. She became frustrated and unhappy with what she felt like was the solution for her son Landon.

Kim and her husband went to FPEA in hopes of finding the right curriculum. What they found was feelings of being overwhelmed and an uneasiness with their choice. Once she went to a few sessions and got away from the exhibit hall, she found like-minded families that helped them gain perspective.

The Mixons had a public school mentality that is hard to shake. Kim didn’t realize that homeschooling gives you the freedom to find what works for your child, even if it looks completely different than everyone else.

Once the Mixon family let go and allowed their son’s passions and interests to come forward their family changed. Landon had a love for animals that has now blossomed into his own self-sustaining farming business. He joined 4H and honed his skills as a farm manager and his parents just offer support as needed.

Kim says they would have never created this lifestyle for their son had it not been for a shift in their mindset and allowing God to guide them.

You will immediately feel like you are old friends with Kimberly Mixon, I know I do. I love being able to follow families we have met. Watching them take my family’s ideas and run with them in their own direction is my greatest joy. Kim and her family are a testament to what a true learning lifestyle revival can do to a family and their life trajectory.



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