The Importance of Play in Childhood

By Holly Giles | Great Outdoors

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Play in childhood

Delia is a pediatric Occupational Therapist. Moreover, her specialty is pediatrics and play-based therapy. I met her several years ago at a homeschool event. She is a popular workshop speaker in our area. She has wonderful insight into helping children. And get the most out of body movements. Play is important to a child’s early development. In addition, Delia is a homeschool mother herself of four children. And this provides a unique perspective on her experiences.

First, listen to our conversation on the back porch. Next, pay close attention to her explanation of the “quiet alert state” and how that affects our children. Similarly, the blue light issue is a definite concern of mine. Tablets play a limited role in our home. Lastly, hearing from a professional and their experiences can help you make informed decisions. Especially about raising your children.

Show Notes:

1:12      First, Delia’s introduction.

1:52      Secondly, we learn about the quiet alert state.

2:45      Thirdly, we answer the question why is this important in learning?

5:27      How do you believe children can achieve the quiet alert state in nature?

  • Nature allows us to disconnect from technology to dirty laundry.
  • A connection is key.

8:21      Next, we discuss technology usage and its effect on children.

  • Effects of blue light.
  • Disconnection with sensory and motor systems.

11:55     Break

11:56     Simple activities in nature.

14:33    In addition to all we discussed, we then talk about the benefits of outdoor activities.

  • Sensory nourishment.

17:20    Most importantly, are we too protective in an outdoor environment?

18:52    How to use local parks for muscle building.

22:00    In closing, we share the good news of starting right where we are with our kids.

Valuable resource

Finally, Delia enjoys sharing her experiences as a mother and occupational therapist. For example, she is a valuable resource as we work with our children throughout childhood. We are excited that Delia contributes her knowledge to our website. In conclusion, the insight she has as a therapist on the subject of play and the outdoors is extensive.

You can connect with Deila directly at her website The Homeschool OT.


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