5 Fabulous Breakfast Casseroles for Families

By Holly Giles | Recipes

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Breakfast Casseroles

Breakfast casseroles are a lifesaver for a busy mom. I can scan the refrigerator and freezer and find ingredients to throw something together for a hearty breakfast anytime. Keeping a few key ingredients in the pantry and refrigerator can ensure you can whip up something when the groceries have run out.

I gathered a few of my favorite recipes that I use the most. I rotate these depending on my ingredients and if I am making ahead for the freezer or wake up and think, “what’s for breakfast?”.

Blueberry French Toast Casserole

This recipe and photo is from Sally’s Baking Addiction.


Blueberry French Toast Casserole

Blueberry French Toast Casserole is my favorite sweet casserole. I have used many kinds of leftover bread in this recipe and it always comes out delicious. I keep 2 cup bags of blueberries in my freezer. Each year we pick about three pounds of blueberries to put up in the freezer to use throughout the year. This casserole can be done quickly when looking around on Sunday morning for a nice breakfast.

Biscuits and gravy casserole

This recipe and photo come from Jammerill Stewart at Large Family Table.

Large Family Table

Biscuits and gravy casserole is a great one to make several at a time and freeze. Jammerill is fabulous at teaching batch freezer meals. This is the casserole of choice when the boys have a busy day and need to start with a hearty meal. There is usually some leftover, but a mysterious thing happens by noon, it all disappears.

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This recipe is more labor-intensive with making gravy. That is why I go ahead and make several. My effort will be doubled on a busy morning and I am looking for an excellent meal to start the day.

Tater Tot breakfast casserole

This recipe and photo are from The Pioneer Woman.

Pioneer Woman’s Tater tot breakfast casserole

Who doesn’t love tater tots? I love recipes with tater tots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I keep three bags of tots in my freezer for just such an occasion. They add crunch and a potato flavor without messing with hashbrowns.

Southern Living’s Hashbrown casserole

This recipe and photo came from Southern living.

Hashbrown Casserole

Hashbrown casserole is just good ole comfort food. It tastes great morning, noon or night. Now, I do like it best at Cracker Barrel, where I don’t have to cook it! However, my boys love it at home. There may be cream-of-soup naysayers, but it is worth it in a pinch. In my storage pantry, I do keep several cans of cream of mushroom and chicken. My menu planning can sometimes skid off the dirt road, and I am at a loss for dinner. My storage pantry has just what I need to fend off the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Veggie Quiche

This recipe and photo come from Scrumptious Eats.

Veggie Quiche

Vegetable quiche is one of my favorites to make and take for lunch the next day. The word quiche is replaced with casserole in my house because, apparently, real men don’t say quiche. All the boys in my house squish their noses when I say quiche. I keep refrigerated pie crust in my freezer for a quick way to have crust in many dishes. Thursdays are a good day for quiche, I mean casserole, in my house. Thursday is trash night. I go through the refrigerator and throw together all the parts and pieces of vegetables, cheese, and meat that is left over. Some of my best meals have come on a Thursday night!

Often I make two and freeze one for another day. Quiche is an excellent batch recipe that you can pull out for breakfast or dinner. I need to develop a great name for quiche that will slip by the boys. Let me know if you have one.

What to serve with breakfast casseroles

Fruit is my go-to side dish for a breakfast casserole, depending on what is in season or the refrigerator. However, I am a southerner and cheese grits are the best side dish. It takes me back to Sunday mornings at my grandma Leonard’s kitchen: Willie Nelson and eggs over easy.

Why do you have to refrigerate breakfast casserole overnight?

Many recipes may say to refrigerate a breakfast casserole overnight when it is egg and bread-based. The liquid can soak into the bread overnight, giving a great flavor to the casserole. If you are in a pinch, I have let the casserole sit for thirty minutes and have great results. Sometimes when the clock is ticking, there is no time for soaking when hungry faces are looking at you. No matter how you prepare the breakfast casserole, the homemade goodness of the hands that prepared it will deliver a fabulous taste.


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