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how to make smores

Backyard Smores

By Holly Giles | Great Outdoors , Recipes

Our family loves smores all year long, in small doses. There is something magical about a fire in a fireplace or in your backyard that beckons the squishy marshmallow to be plunged into it. I classify smores as a life skill for several reasons. No matter where you live, you will have the opportunity at […]

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how to make venison jerky

Venison Jerky

By Holly Giles | Recipes , Simple Living

Venison Jerky Recipe Grayson is an avid hunter. He has been since he was nine years old. It has been a process to get used to your son bringing home the meat. I grew up with a grandfather who hunted however I never experienced the harvest and processing of the meat. Now, I have turned […]

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veggies rounds

Aunt Ollie’s Veggie Pizza Rounds

By Holly Giles | Recipes

Veggie Pizza Aunt Ollie’s veggie pizza rounds were on the menu when we visited this summer. My husband Curtis grew up on these yummy delights, but for the boys and I, this was our first time. We visited Aunt Ollie Mae and Uncle Stanley in Tennessee this summer on our homeschool convention tour. We have […]

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blonde brownies

Butterscotch Blonde Brownies

By Holly Giles | Recipes

Butterscotch blonde brownies Have you ever heard of Butterscotch blonde brownies? These brownies are a perfect treat for the kids and they have some veggies hidden inside!  My husband says that brownies are not blonde, only brown, so I should call it cake.  These blondes have more fun with some butterscotch and carrots mixed in for […]

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blueberry zucchini

Blueberry Zucchini Bread

By Holly Giles | Florida , Recipes

Blueberry Zucchini Bread Blueberry zucchini bread is perfect for the hot summers here in Florida. There are loads of zucchini and other vegetables and fruits that are in season and abundant for feeding hungry boys. The farmers’ Market is a great place to start. Florida Climate Let’s face it ya’ll, it is hot here in Florida […]

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