Bean Seed Boy- A Modern Johnny Appleseed

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

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 I found three bean seeds on the kitchen counter.  Later, I found a 
handful in Crockett’s pants pocket while doing laundry.  
What is going on?Grayson came in from outside and I asked him about all the seeds.  

He had a sheepish grin.  

“I have been planting them,” he said.  “In the backyard?” I asked.
  “No, everywhere, Just like Johnny Appleseed, but with beans!” he said.  
Now I was intrigued. 

 Apparently, Grayson has been carrying seeds around in his pockets for a few weeks.  Everywhere we go, the grocery, Target, Ace Hardware, Goodwill.

Grayson has been planting seeds.  

He must be pretty quick if none of us have noticed by now.

Grant has read us a few stories recently about Johnny Appleseed, and we
 listened to an audio CD about his life too.  Grayson has read about Johnny before
but never taken such an interest.  

He proclaims he is the modern day Johnny Appleseed.

He wants to spread joy with green beans.

 I had to swallow hard not to laugh. It is a noble thought for sure, but
picturing him throwing seeds out everywhere we visit is quite comical.

“I think it would be nice if someone is hungry and they come out of a store
 and there are some green beans to pick and eat, especially if they are homeless.” 


Now I have to stop myself from crying. This sweet boy is thinking of a way to 
feed the hungry and the homeless.

Can we ever really know what is going on inside our children’s thoughts?

How a story will impact them. 

What mark seeing a homeless person in need will leave on their heart?
 I believe as we get older, we become jaded to the person holding a sign on the corner.
Lately, there is one on every corner we seem to pass.

We are in a hurry, 

at the grocery, target and Ace Hardware.
Do we miss the opportunity to help someone, something simple like 
unloading a cart or reaching a top shelf?

 I believe our children may notice every moment.

Watching. Learning.

Children are thinking, “what are the adults around us doing?
 What should we be doing?”

I am thankful that I did not find out about the seeds sooner. 
 I am sure I would have put a stop to it. 

“Seeds everywhere, in my washer, on the floor, stop making a mess!”

Maybe we all should become a modern day Johnny Appleseed.
Let us, you and me, take a look around and notice where we 
can bring joy, in little ways.

It may not be in the form of a green bean, but a smile sure can go a long way.

How were you Johnny Appleseed today?

Share with us your insights into the bean seed boy!

“I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love” Hosea 11:4


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