Blueberry Pickin Party

By Holly Giles | Field Trips


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 You are invited to a Blueberry Pickin Party!
 The boys and I went to pick blueberries for the first time
 and invited a few of our friends along for the fun.
In our area of Florida, there are scads of places to go, yet we never seemed
to make it out during the season. It only goes about two months here because of the heat.
This year, we set a date, invited friends along and hit the fields!
Becks Brothers in Windermere is where we headed and it was almost an hour drive
for us. We had heard good things about this place and it was worth the drive. 
Windermere was swamp land when I was a kid, and
I felt like I had entered another state!
I did not know where I was and then we found the blueberry field was smack 
dab in the middle of a subdivision!
We had friends join us who lived just around the corner, and others who had
quite the drive.  We gathered our buckets and got picking!


Or eating.
All in all we gathered six pounds of blueberries. 
That was a good start on some jam. 



Check out was nothing fancy, just the back end of a pick up with 
the scale and one of the brothers bagging them up.
I really enjoy making simple moments special with friends

I also love to encourage people to try something new. Each family a mason jar, a jam recipe and some tags and ribbon to
decorate finished jars.  I found all of the cute labels including the invitation at:
Cottage Industrialist
It is a free download you can customize.
Back at home, we washed our berries and separated them into one cup
 bags to make pancake and muffin making easier.
To finish off our day of new experiences we decided to try a recipe for
blueberry corn muffins.  I have seen them at several places and was not sure
that the combination belonged together, but I LOVED them and so did the boys!
I adapted this recipe from Pioneer Woman and used fresh blueberries instead of
dried and they were regular size muffins.  Give them a try this week for supper!

Spending time with friends and doing something new can be a memorable experience.
I love to find simple ways to let my friends know I appreciate them.  This time, the mason
jars with recipes and goodies were a simple, inexpensive touch to the day.  It made them
feel special and thought of, and you never know when
that one thing is what a friend needed to help her get through the day.  
What simple touch could you give to your next meet up with friends?


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Holly Giles is a wife, mother, and storyteller. As an author and Florida Master Naturalist, she writes about heritage homemaking skills, motherhood, and why Florida offers the best hidden natural gems to explore as a family.

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