Wooden Sewing Spools Repurposed

By Holly Giles | handicrafts


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 I found a bag full of old wooden spools in my grandmother’s sewing box.

A beautiful array of rich colors. I had an idea of how to bring them to life
and re-purpose this necessity of the past.

The deep pumpkin orange color caught my eye and I decided to make a
necklace for the fall.  I am a clearance bin digger at craft stores. I have a drawer of 
all my little finds.  Last year I found these acorn and leaf charms. They would

be perfect for my fall spool necklace!

Go dig up a spool from your sewing bin or thrift store and I will show you

how simple it is to create a spool necklace. I think these would make
wonderful holiday gifts on a small budget.
First, I took a piece of jewelry wire, about 2-3 inches long. I bent it in half and threaded
the leaf and acorn onto the loop.  Then I put the wire up through the hole of the spool.
Next, I bent one end of the wire around the other to secure and made sure it was down
in the spool so you could not see it.  Then I made a loop with the other end of the wire
so it could be threaded onto string.

I used this bauble from a bag of necklace finds to make the hole on the bottom
smaller and give it a fancier look.   

I used simple cotton necklace string and some beads I already had.  You can

make it as simple or fancy as you want, depending on your style.

I made one using an empty spool that I glued scrapbook paper on.  I also took a
scrap piece of lace and glued along the bottom.  Adding a button gave it a
definite vintage feel.  
The blue one with buttons on the side turned out nice also. 

I put a dab of glue on the end string of the spool, so it would not unravel.
It turned out beautiful! I made a few to give as gifts for the holidays.
This is a simple craft that children can also participate in.

 The spool necklace is heartfelt, handmade and has some history behind it. 
 I made a pretty green one for my mother. It has special meaning for her
 because these spools were her mother’s. 
I bet there are plenty of ways to use these beautiful spools. 
I would love to hear about your creations!


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