Butterscotch Blonde Brownies

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blonde brownies

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Butterscotch blonde brownies

Have you ever heard of Butterscotch blonde brownies? These brownies are a perfect treat for the kids and they have some veggies hidden inside!  My husband says that brownies are not blonde, only brown, so I should call it cake.  These blondes have more fun with some butterscotch and carrots mixed in for good measure. I included this recipe in our summer series and had a few subscribers send in photos of their recipes. Most looked even better than mine. The ingredients are simple and easy to find.
ingredients for blonde brownies
but brownies always sound good to me.

blonde brownie batter
I love this recipe because it is not too sweet, yet it has a flavor that is reminiscent of my childhood. My great-grandmother always had butterscotch candies at the front door. You couldn’t help but take one. They were always calling to me, their wonderful smell as I entered the door. A footed glass candy jar held them and the sound of the lid always gave me away.

Start a new tradition with these butterscotch brownies. They won’t linger long.  

They also freeze well for another day!

blonde brownies out of the oven

You can print the recipe HERE.

 butterscotch blonde brownies recipe


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