Baking Bread: Honey Whole Wheat

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Honey whole wheat bread

Honey whole wheat bread is a staple in our house. Baking bread has been around for thousands of years in many forms. Bread means life and love for many cultures. Many generations survived on bread and little else when times were lean and crops were poor.

Is wheat bread with honey healthy?

Generally, homemade bread is more nutrient-rich than store-bought bread. Adding sweeteners like honey may raise the calorie count but is overall a healthier choice than many options at the grocery store.

Is it cheaper to make your own bread?

I have calculated that it is cheaper in the long run. The best part is that you know what ingredients are going into the bread and no extra preservatives are added. This alone is worth the value of baking bread. Baking a few loaves at a time and freezing it will ensure you have loaves on hand. I know we can go through a loaf in two days with hungry boys.

What are the steps for baking bread?

Today we have the opportunity to experience baking bread with wonderful modern machines that lessen the time involved in the process. I learned how to bake bread from my grandmother the old-fashioned way by rising and kneading. I compromise these days by using my mixer for part of the process and then kneading in the end.

how to make honey whole wheat bread at home

There is something about getting your hands in the dough, pushing and pulling, and feeling it bounce back. It is also a great stress reliever when you are at your wits’ end! It helps me get my frustration out instead of on other people. I think it helps the dough rise higher.

Should I bake bread at 350 or 400?

In my experience with my oven, I bake at 350. The bread will bake all the way through without leaving a doughy center and the top will be golden brown.

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Do you cover bread when baking?

I bake the bread for half the time the recipe calls for, then I cover the top with tinfoil for the remainder of the baking time.

In the video, I share my method of baking this favorite sandwich bread around the Frontier. The recipe makes two loaves and they freeze well.

Print out the honey whole wheat bread recipe and gather the ingredients together. Bake your bread along with Holly as she demonstrates the recipe or watch the video once before making your own loaves.

The total time investment in this video class is approximately 3 hours, including rising time.

How long is homemade bread good for?

At room temperature, loaves at my home last about three to four days. At that point, put your loaf in the refrigerator to extend its life. Depending on how much bread your family eats, portion the bread after baking. Store some in the refrigerator and the freezer.

Another great recipe that does not require yeast and rising is our Glazed Apple Bread. 

Kids can learn science by baking bread. Read this post for fun experiments. Science and Baking.


Send us a photo of your bread and share your baking experience below.

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