Jesus is Calling, at the McDonald’s Drive Thru

By Holly Giles | Family

jesus is calling at the mcdonalds drive thru

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Jesus is calling

Thursday morning was hectic. I had to get one boy ready for a trip and another prepared for a lawn job. Meanwhile, try to get me in a dress and heels. I needed faith to get through this day.
 I had made two cups of coffee since 6:30 am.  I took one sip of the first then spilled it all over the counter. However, I never found where I set the second one down before I needed to leave.
I drove to the nearest Mcdonald’s. They have good coffee. Hoping I could order one, and actually drink it and
NOT spill it on my dress during the long drive ahead. I drove right up to the speaker and placed my order.  As I inched forward there was a car in the second ordering lane wanting to go in front of me. How often are you in a drive-thru with two lanes? I usually encounter rude people who need their order faster than I do. In addition,  they scooch up just enough so I can’t get in front of them. Even if I did place my order first.
This particular morning the car in the other lane paused for me to go firstI looked over at the woman and gave her a kind smile waved her to go on ahead of me. I had time. She smiled back and moved forward.


 When I reached the window the cashier said: “The lady ahead of you paid for your order.” I said, “Wow, that was really nice”. Then the cashier said,
“She wanted me to tell you to believe that your kindness will be rewarded and that today will be a good day.”
I fell silent. You see, I was on my way to a funeral.
The funeral of a woman whose death had sent me into a spiral for the last week. The spiral wasn’t because she was not more than 10 years older than me. Nor was it that her presence won’t be a void in many people’s lives. It was because every day before her death, she rejoiced in her Lord Jesus. Praising him through every. single. awful. thing she had endured over the last several years. She was a good and faithful servant who taught and transformed lives through her unending faith.


I was in a spiral of emotions because that kind of faith shook me to the core. Therefore,  I was afraid because I didn’t know if I could have had the faith she did. Jesus began tugging at me two years ago to step out of my simple, sheltered life with my boys.  He began calling me to give to others through our experiences. Also to serve, and to step out in uncomfortable ways.  I did what he asked. As I did, my family and I saw financial hardship. We experienced tragedy, pain, and loneliness. However, we have also seen miracles, lives touched and found
friendships.  In addition, we have seen how giving of ourselves is transforming families.
But the day of the funeral, I was tired.  I was ready to put down my pen, box up my books and retreat to my former life.  My kindness to others was wearing me thin. I also did not think I was truly making a difference anyway.

 He spoke to me

Then Jesus called me again, in the drive-thru at McDonald’s. He spoke to me through the celebration of the life of my friend that I attended that day. Have faith in me, give freely and I will prepare a way for you.
Yes, I am still afraid of stepping out in faith. Yet, what else is there really? Am I teaching my boys to follow Jesus when I don’t do as he asks of me when I am weak?
I will be brave. Will you?
Is Jesus calling you? Are you hoping that what you are doing today will be enough for him? That being a wife, mom, friend, etc., and doing your good part is enough to keep pushing what you know he really wants you to do because you are afraid? I get it.
Let’s all be brave together.
 Because if Jesus can find me at the McDonald’s drive-thru when I am just trying to get a stinkin cup of coffee, don’t you think he can find you too?
Recently a friend gave me a book she thought I needed to read called “Restless” by Jennie Allen. The title says it all.
Let me know your thoughts. Where has Jesus found you?
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