Momma, Your Hair is Red!

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

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Grayson was preparing to make his debut as a homeschool
conference speaker last weekend. He and I were presenting a workshop
together.  The week leading up to the event was chaotic for many reasons
and my hair ended up being a casualty!

Navigating opportunities and deadlines seemed to be consuming my family the last few weeks.  My to-do list has been longer than hours in the day! Grayson and I have been working hard to prepare for the workshop we were presenting on cultivating passions in children.  

Our dreams of sharing our family’s lifestyle with other families are taking off, but
reality is always not far behind!  Since I have been burning the midnight oil on
projects, the laundry has piled up, the muddy floors were beginning to layer and
the dishes were on a three load wait for the dishwasher.
I woke up on Monday, after a stressful week and discovered a skunk-like streak
of gray hair that went from the front of my hair to the back at the hairline.  Now, 
I am usually not a vain person, but when you have dark hair and all of a sudden
the entire part line of your hair turns gray, it kinda freaks you out!
I added hair dye to my endless list.  On Tuesday, I decided to tackle the dishes
since we ran out of forks and spoons.  I opened the dishwater to empty it, and it
was full of stinky water. Yuck! After a consultation with youtube and dismantling
most of the dishwasher, it was declared that it had reached its end.
It took me until Thursday to get the dishes under control!

(waiting to see if their “fix” worked)

Thursday I made it to Target for hair dye.  I use the wash out kind on occasion, but
every time I go to buy one, they change the names. Why? It says on the box,
“Midnight, formerly known as Mahogany”. After searching for dark brown or
black through all the confusing names I found it and continued my shopping.

Getting ready for an event these days takes a little work.  Since Curtis
re-painted my bathroom, you know the flaking ceiling, he has not been able
to put up the new light fixture, so we are using a small desk lamp on the
counter just to be able to find the toothpaste. So, if I am getting ready in
the early morning or late afternoon, there is basically a dim shadow
to see in the mirror.
Friday night was the beginning of the conference with a couples dinner.
A popular restaurateur was speaking on his inspiring story. I was preparing
 to put my best foot forward at the conference. There were several people I
wanted to meet and speak to about furthering my speaking and book opportunities. 

Friday night was a success, we got our booth set up nicely, we met some great people and were inspired by the speaker.

 Because it was dark, and I got ready quickly that evening, I did not notice the color of my hair,

I just noticed there was not gray down the middle! 
Saturday morning we headed out before daylight for an all-day conference.  
Grayson was excited about our workshop. When we got into our room to prepare
for our speech, Grayson looks at me croaked.  “Momma, your hair is red.”
  “No, it is black,” I said.  “Well, it is not black.  It is really red-ish.” said Grayson.
I dismissed the comment because my jacket was purple and the
walls were salmon color, so the lighting must be throwing him off.

Our workshop was awesome, Grayson did such a great job and we were off to sell our curriculum in the exhibitor hall.

The room was really bright. Lots of fluorescent light. Then, I catch Curtis and 
Grayson looking at my hair. Alright, if Curtis is giving me the funny eye,
maybe I should investigate. I went down the hall to the bathroom and…
My hair is a funny shade of reddish burgundy. 
Like someone spilled wine on my head, in splotches.

 I am headed to visit with the people I wanted to make
 a good impression on …with splotchy reddish wine hair!

I am just going to ignore it, there is nothing else I can do.
Just pretend my normal dark brown, black hair is there and try not
 to stand in the bright light.  
I can do this.  
The conversations were great.

(Mary Jo Tate)

I met wonderful people.

(Connie Albers)

 I was glad to be a part of this awesome day.

But for some reason, the bottom of my shoes felt funny. I was

wearing very nice boots that I have owned about 10 years and worn
maybe 5 times.  I am used to wearing sneakers most days, so I thought
 maybe I am just not used to the heels.  I take a few steps within this circle of people,
when I notice big pieces of something black on the white floor.  Odd, I didn’t notice
that before, did someone drop something?  Hmm, there is another piece.  I
 bent down to pick it up and realize it looks like parts of a shoe.

Please, not me, not my shoes.  Yep, it’s me.  Not only do I have reddish hair that seems to be changing color by the
hour, but my nice boots are literally crumbling off of my feet, 
down to a cotton lining,
 as I stand there, 
in a circle of people,
 that I am
hoping to make a good impression on.

I have told you before that God has a sense of humor.  He has been opening amazing

doors for our family. However, He also is keeping me grounded in why I am
on this journey anyway, to share with families that being real with
each other keeps us going for the long haul.



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