Cowboy Cookies in a Jar

By Holly Giles | seasonal


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 Cowboy cookies are a favorite around the Frontier. Every few years we put them on our gift giving list. They are always a hit and I want to share them with you!
First, you need a couple of eager kitchen helpers.  

Lining up jars, measuring, pouring and covering the floor with flour is their specialty.  Children love to participate in the process of making a gift. It makes it all the more personal for the receiver too.
Cowboy cookies or any cookie recipe can be divided up into layers to make a nice presentation as a simple gift.  I explain the full recipe and share with you our measurements on how to divide up this recipe and layer it in a 1-quart jar in a printable version HERE
Since the days are ticking and my timing is always off. I thought I better give you a gift tag for this homemade treat. Except you will have to cut them and punch a hole in one corner!


If you are like me, I always need a few extra items on hand for last-minute gifts or guests that slipped my mind.  We always get rave reviews on the mix and I hope this will help you with a simple homemade holiday!


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