Are We Missing A Puzzle Piece in our Life?

By Holly Giles | homeschooling

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Roadschool Moms Podcast

In this episode of Roadschool Moms, Mary Beth and I are joined by one of our good friends, Kristen. She always seems to have insight into relationships that make us take a second look at our life as a puzzle piece.

We took all our kids to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and it sparked a great conversation about feeling alone in our lives. We headed back to Kristen’s house and decided to record the conversation for our podcast.

Tears and laughter followed suit as we dug deep for answers to questions all three of us had. We found scripture to back up our thoughts and conclusions.

First, we talk about everyday whimsy. Next, how quickly becomes how people come into our lives at just the right time. God’s timing is always perfect.

Just like a puzzle piece these ladies came into my life. However, I met both of them years before we became friends. You never know who is comes in your life for just the right occasion.

Listen in to our podcast

 Be Present

Be present at the moment to be able to see God working in your life.

(3:28) How Kristen and Holly met. Each had prayed for a person in their life for different purposes. God used a mutual friend and a pool party to bring them together.

(10:19) Mary Beth shares how she tries to go it alone and Kristen tells her it is the enemy telling her a lie. “God created us to be relational people”.

(15:00) break

Be a piece of the puzzle

The women talk about how using kind words in everyday situations can be part of the puzzle for others, even complete strangers. Bringing this idea into our homes and marital relationships is even more important. Lead by example.


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