10 Tools to Pack For a Family Nature Walk

By Holly Giles | Florida

10 tools for a family nature walk

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What is the purpose of a nature walk?

Having a natural curiosity to explore the world around us is what makes us human. Having the tools to explore makes it more interesting and easier to do. Create your own family nature kit. Fill it with items that will help you learn more about what interests you and your children on a nature walk.

A Nature Kit can help us be ready to study nature. Having your tote ready for a park visit is well worth the effort to put together in advance. A few supplies can spark the imagination and turn a playground trip into an explorer’s paradise.

What is the benefit of a nature walk?

Increase curiosity. Children have a natural curiosity to explore the world around them. However, sometimes they need a nudge to see things they might otherwise miss. Our family nature kit has grown over the years and changes with our interests. Start with items you already have on hand and build it up over time.

What to pack for a nature walk?

Your Nature Kit can be a family activity where everyone adds something they think would be helpful on a nature walk. This will get all family members excited about future adventures outdoors. Each child could have their own too, although not necessary. If you choose to have each child create their own kit they can decorate the bag you choose and personalize the contents.

Keep your kit near the door you use most such as the front door or door leading to the garage. Keeping it in your car can work but you will want to keep items that can melt out of it.

See my picks for a nature walk

10 tools for a family nature walk

Tips for taking a nature walk

The beauty of having a nature kit is that it is ready to go whenever you are. The truth is for most of us is that if we have to take extra time to gather items together every time we want to go on a nature walk or to a park, we are less likely to do it. Having a kit that you build over time brings an element to any outing that can transform your time into more memorable moments.

Watch our tutorial video where we walk you through our family nature kit, children packing their own kit, and heading out on a park adventure.

What To Pack:

Curiosity and wonder, along with a field guide and notebook, are all you need to get a start making discoveries as a naturalist.

Begin with basic essentials until you discover other items you would like to add. These are our top 4 items.

  1. notebook or journal
  2. colored pencils or crayons
  3. Ziploc style bags
  4. basic bird identification book or general nature book

What to add as you go:

  • small clear boxes or jars with lids
  • binoculars
  • ruler and/or measuring tape
  • clipboard with paper
  • egg carton gathering box
  • magnifying glass
  • tweezers
  • paper lunch sacks
  • bug spray, water, snacks
  • family journal

Remember to be an observer of nature, not a disturber. Collecting fallen leaves, rocks and some insects where permitted is alright. However, don’t disturb nests or bother animals in their own setting.

NOW GO! Get out there already!

10 tools for a family nature walk


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10 tools to take on a family nature walk


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