Nature Study Made Easy with an Egg Carton

By Holly Giles | DIY

egg carton

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Egg Carton

Nature study doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as taking an egg carton on a walk down your street or running around your backyard. A simple way to get outside and look at what is happening in the natural world is a scavenger hunt.

Grab an egg carton, 6 colors of paint or markers and do a quick art project by painting 6 of the egg holes, leaving the corresponding holes blank. This is now your color wheel for an outdoor adventure.


  • paint or use markers and color one row of your egg carton.
  • Each hole will be a different color. Only paint 6 holes.
  • Let the color dry.
  • Head out on your hunt and find one item for each color and place it in the non-colored hole.
  • Use variations by adding shapes in the other holes or be creative.
  • Keep the egg carton in your family nature kit.
Send the children off with the carton to find each of those colors in nature and watch their curiosity explode with excitement.
egg carton
Who found red? What about orange? 
Colors come alive all around you when you focus your attention on the details in the grass, on a bush or under a tree.
Use this activity over and over or change up what you are looking for. What about shapes in nature or specific items for a location like a beach?  Make this simple activity your own with multiple uses and hours of wonder and curiosity.
egg carton 2

Print off our activity sheet HERE.
Egg carton hunt


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