DIY Orange Spice Sugar

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Orange Spice Sugar

Orange Spice sugar is an easy gift to have on hand to give to friends and family for different occasions. This easy sugar was a hit around the holidays or summer parties, and I want to share it with you! I save any little glass jar I can get my hands on.  These are pimento jars from a pea salad I make for potlucks.  I save the jars and spray paint the lids and you have the perfect size for gifts.

You will also need:

  • One orange
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of whole cloves
  • airtight container to store it all in


First, you zest the orange.  I would zest the entire orange and make approximately 1 Tablespoon of zest.  Place the sugar into your container, and add the zest and the cloves.  Let it sit for at least a week before putting it in jars.  The longer it sits, the more fragrant and flavorful it is.  I pick out most of the zest and the cloves before putting them in jars for gifts.  You could leave a little on top to give it a pleasant smell when they open the jar.
To decorate the jar, I just used some ribbon I had on hand and hot glued it in place.  I used orange cardstock and cut the scalloped design with my Cricut, but scissors work too.  Write the name on the tag before gluing it in place.  I found tiny little resin oranges for paper crafting at a local craft store that I added to the tag.  It added a wow factor to such a simple design.

Uses for orange sugar

These cute little jars of sugar look good just sitting on the counter or next to the coffee maker.  Flavored sugars are a fantastic addition to coffee, desserts, and tea for an extra punch of flavor.  My friends say they love the orange clove in coffee and tea.
Watch our video on how to make the sugar

I also make lemon sugar and vanilla sugar the same way.  It stores well for six months to a year.  I like to find cute little containers at thrift stores to keep mine around the coffee machine for guests to help themselves.

Make gifts

This recipe is so simple that it is easy for children to get in on the mix. It takes a few minutes to put it together, and they can do each step themselves.  Being able to present a friend with a homemade gift they can use is a great feeling.  The kids were a part of it, and by adding special touches like the tag and ribbon, your friends will feel like you made it, especially for them, and you did!
Let me know how your flavored sugar turns out or if you have another recipe I should try for my next batch.


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