Make Ribbon Books with Little House on the Prairie

By Holly Giles | handicrafts

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Ribbon books are an adorable handicraft for children of all ages. Reading the literature series, Little House on the Prairie is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill. Reading aloud to my children is the best part of my day and this series tops our list of favorites. We spent a year reading the series when my oldest boy was nine. He still says that was the best year ever. We taught ourselves an abundance of new skills and revived a love of pioneer days that inspired me to write Prairie Life. This is one of the crafts within the pages the unit study. Enjoy.

Ribbon books are one of the many handicrafts I have included in my unit study, Prairie Life. This unit follows the first book, Little House in the Big Woods. It is filled with science, history, handicrafts and skills old and new. I wanted to share this activity with you because all ages can do it and you can advance the activity with a sewing machine to add extra skills.


You will need the following for one ribbon notebook:

  • One piece of colored cardstock or construction paper.
  • 5 – 8 pieces of plain copy paper or paper of choice.
  • 26 inches of ribbon or twine.
  • Hole punch.



  1. Fold the card stock in half and press the crease well.
  2. Stack the pieces of plain paper together and fold them in half. Press the crease well.
  3. Mark 6 spots along the creased edge to punch a hole. Punch the holes on the creased side of all of the paper. Then put all the folded pages together, lining up the holes.
  4. Start your ribbon in the middle two holes and work out. Bring the ribbon up from the backside through the first two holes. The dotted lines on the pattern represent the ribbon showing on the top of the book.
  5. Weave the ribbon until the ends of the ribbon come up from the backside on either end of the book edge.
  6. At the top of your book spine, loop the ribbon around the back and tie a knot to the ribbon showing on the backside. Do the same for the bottom of the book spine. You will have a knot near the top and one near the bottom.
  7. Decorate the front of your book with a stamp, coloring or scraps of paper.

ribbon book


ribbon book 2

If you choose to sew ribbon onto the book, choose a zig zag stitch or other decorative stitch. Use a heavier needle such as one for denim. Regular thread works well. Fold the ribbon over the edge of the top and bottom of the spine to give it a clean edge.


These ribbon books are a wonderful addition to a family read aloud activity or co-op literature class. We have also made them as gifts for family members and friends during the holidays. Personalizing them makes the gift all the more special.

Ribbon Types I have used

  • Grosgrain of any color or pattern.
  • Ribbon with strawberries and then used a strawberry stamp on the front.
  • Printed my nephews name on cover before folding in a splatter type font then used camo ribbon.
  • Ribbon with chickens on it and then stamped a chicken on the cover.

photo (8)

Be Creative

  • Make them at a themed party.
  • Have a Little House book club and make ribbon notebooks together.
  • Make homemade gifts for family and friends.
  • Make a kit with different ribbons to give your children as a gift.

Find out more about book club HERE.


If you love the Little House series, you will love Prairie Life. I wrote it based on the wonderful memories my boys and I made reading the books. It is filled with science, history, handicrafts, cooking and life skills.

Enjoy your time on the prairie! We are offering a book club based on Prairie life, join us beginning September 18th.



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